5 tips for a great graffiti name

Your graffiti art is the best on the street, right? You should be tagging it with a signature that’s just as awesome. Here are 5 tips to pick a name that’s worthy of your art—and can even serve as the tag itself.

1. The right length. A basic element of graffiti art is to get the point across and not waste time. So your name needs to be short, generally no more than three to five letters. That way you can throw it up quickly and move on.

2. Easy to pronounce. A big piece of gaining popularity is word of mouth, so make sure your name is something people will be able to easily repeat to their friends. That also means you might want to steer clear profanity or anything overtly sexual. After all, you wouldn’t have Buzzfeed articles going around about Banksy if his name made people clutch their pearls.

3. Unique or memorable. Pick something individual to help you stand out. One way to make sure it’s unique is to think about what’s meaningful to you. Do your initials spell something interesting? Could you do a play on your real name? For example, a guy named Adam could tag his artwork as “Atom.” Could you reference a special family member, place or experience? Start there for brainstorming, and see what comes up.

4. Looks cool. If you’re not sold on a name from something personal in your life, try this technique: write the alphabet and pick out your favorite letters. What letters look the most interesting to you? Which ones look fun to write? Which ones can you do quickly? Pick a handful of letters and then shuffle them around to see what words you can make from them. You can also add extra elements like arrows or exclamation marks—just play around and find something you like.

5. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If those brainstorming methods don’t get you anywhere, check out this directory of thousands of graffiti names you can use. That site also has a tool to randomly create names of three, four or five letters, so you can decide on a unique name without having to come up with it yourself.

Ultimately, as long as your name is short, memorable and cool looking, you’ll be all set. Go forth and create, my friends.

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