Ah Instagram. You wonderful, engaging, cesspool of information and confusion for startups and brands. Since launching in 2010, Instagram has rolled out a variety of complex algorithms and updates to help users engage with content from both friends/family and businesses. The first 6 years saw Instagram’s feed in chronological order. However, a change in how people see content on their feeds now finds users seeing 90% of the friends and family. Great for them. But how does this affect startups and businesses who create amazing content and want it to be seen by their target demographics and followers? Creating unique feeds revolve around three key principles:

#1 – Post when your followers are online!

Instagram tends to only share your recent posts with 10% of your followers. It is important that these followers react and engage with the posts. One of the keys to getting your posts in front of more followers is determine when they are online. Digging into Instagram insights is especially helpful for determining the day and times that your followers are mostly online. With more followers seeing your content, it has a better chance of reaching the other 90% of your followers!

#2 – Let go of dead followers!

This leads us to point number two. Spam accounts are not only annoying, but they drive down engagement. If the majority of the accounts following you are dead accounts, chances are they won’t engage with your content and your visibility will definitely take a hit. Every now and then, take some time to sort through your follower list and ensure that you have engaging, non-spam accounts on the roster!

#3 – Hack the #Hashtag

When trying to develop engaging hashtags, some startups can get stuck. Wondering how to identify the best hashtags? There’s a trick for that! Go for the hashtags that have between 100k-500k posts! These are community hashtags that don’t have too little or too many posts, making your content more discoverable to the interested audiences. You can also jump on trending topics that are related to your industry or posts. Creating these searchable posts can lead to better connections and engagements on posts!

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