About the project

Core Property Capital is a premier full-service real estate investment firm that specializes in private equity. With a strong reputation for high-quality value-add investments, CPC has a vast network of investors and expertise in various aspects of commercial real estate. From leasing to property management and financing, CPC provides valuable insights to help maximize value and returns for their clients. Partner with CPC to acquire, develop, or reposition any commercial property and leverage their seasoned professionals to achieve your investment goals.

Website Design

DAMN Advertising created a stunning redesign for CPC’s website with modern and elegant designs. The new design is visually pleasing and user-friendly, thanks to DAMN Advertising’s attention to detail and use of carefully curated photography.


We’re always interested in talking with new people, taking on projects, and helping businesses get the attention they crave. So let us know about your next big idea and we’ll sprinkle some of that DAMN good magic on it and the collaborative masterpiece can begin!

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