Atlanta is a thriving entrepreneurial and startup hub in the South and is the place DAMN Advertising calls home. In terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, Atlanta ranks #3 in Fortune 500 HQs and had venture capitalist funding of over $836 million in 2015 alone. The city works to support entrepreneurs who are producing new technologies, ideas, products and processes. Here are the top reasons why Atlanta is a great place for entrepreneurship!

#1 – Atlanta is a startup tech hub

Between shared co-working spaces and “incubator” like businesses, entrepreneurs have a wide range of access to like-minded individuals and established businesses. With companies like General Assembly and the Atlanta Tech Village, entrepreneurs and startups have unlimited opportunities to exchange ideas, resources, and networking information. Atlanta isn’t just all startup. Entrepreneur hopefuls can hone or lend their skills as freelancers while working at larger companies like Turner, AT&T and the newer film and tv industries.

#2 – Atlanta is the Hollywood of The South

Also opening doors for increased business is the tv and film industry boom. With tax cuts and affordable breaks production companies, smaller businesses and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of increased consumership and traffic.

#3 – Diversity and Community Support

Atlanta may be a fast-expanding city, but it’s Southern hospitality still remains. Diverse communities garner support and are more willing to help out fellow businesses as it supports the community. Companies like Startup Atlanta is one such entity, a non-profit committed to growing the Atlanta Ecosystem. Instead of outsourcing services to those businesses outside of the community, business owners are willing to reinvest their dollars in the Atlanta community and its diverse neighborhoods. This in turn builds a vibrant entrepreneurial city.

#4 – IT Infrastructure Matters

No matter what industry entrepreneurs are in, a city with a expanding IT infrastructure makes creating your own business 1000x easier. The availability and access to resources, including permits, mentors, and learning tools is all supported by a sound infrastructure, and Atlanta has a thriving one. When a city is able to focus on growth, entrepreneurs and small businesses win!

What do you think? Are you an Entrepreneur in Atlanta? We’d love to hear from you!

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